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Βέργα ελαιοραβδιστική παλμική Y40 Κεφαλάκης - 2.30 μέτρα - 12V

Το παλμικό Υ40 είναι ένα καινοτόμο ελαιοραβδιστικό με συνολικά 40 ελαστικές ράβδους. Το σχήμα Υ των ελαστικών ραβδών, ο μηχανισμός μετάδοσης κίνησης καθώς και τα υπόλοιπα ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά του επιφέρουν την αποφυγή μπερδέματος με το φύλλωμα, ελάχιστο ποσοστό σπασμένων κλωναριών, έλλειψη κραδασμών με αποτέλεσμα την επίτευξη μέγιστης απόδοσης συγκομιδής ελαιοκάρπου σε σχέση με τα υπόλοιπα ελαιοραβδιστικά της ίδιας κατηγορίας.

Electrical MINOS SIK "T" MSR 32 urchin type head with sticks fork shaped alternating with sticks vertical shape

Rod MSR 32 «Sea Urchin" is our last proposal for the harvest of olives with even greater performance and minimal damage to the twigs and leaves of the tree and this is achieved by the provision of sticks head consisting of 2 ball bearing 8 Y-shaped sticks in alternation with E8 sticks vertically each. The rotation of the stick helps to even penetrate the densest foliage. The pellets sticks bear at their ends and the rotation of the stick-shaped render MSR 32 as the most efficient and friendly spar in the category tree. Also the quality of the material they are made and the metal gears with helical tooth bearing drive system "T" head rank rod Urchin MSR 32 as the rod with less damage than other rods in its class

Προέκταση Βέργας ελαιοραβδιστικού MINOS SIK 1m

Η Προέκταση Βέργας μήκους 1 μ μπορεί να τοποθετηθεί – προσαρμοστεί - προαιρετικά στους τύπους MSR 32 , MSR 20, MSR16, MSR 8 για το μάζεμα του καρπού σε δέντρα με ύψος πάνω από 4,5μ.


The electric rod MINOS SIK JPF reciprocation is the ideal rod in this type because due to our many years of experience and quality of the materials we use are lighter than other rods of the same type and arrangement of the stick head is such that the rod has the greatest yield with less damage to the foliage of the tree.
SKU: AG30001771001

Electric rod MINOS SIK P8 type «T» rotation - 2.40m

The electric rod MINOS SIK "TAF" & Vertical rotation carries eight rubber sticks and because of their eccentric position on the rod have the greatest efficiency without hurting his wrist. The rollers are not located in the head (plastic or aluminum) because of mad motion help the rod to penetrate and the most dense parts of the tree without confusing to them doing damage. Due to the quality of the materials we use we build the lightest rod market (length 2.4 meters and a weight of only 3 kg), making it possible to use even the most novice user. The cable has a length of 16.5 m that are not frequent movement of the machine in the field and bring breaker STOP to protect the rod and the tree branches. There is possibility of constructing rod with a length of 1.80 to 3.4M with the joystick.
SKU: AG30001771004

Air Lanara with adjustable rod Oliver UL Italian

Olive lightweight air (only 1040gr), with high performance and "quiet" mode. With small dimensions and good balance, the tool is comfortable during use, with minimal vibration. The rod included.
SKU: AG30001099001

Harvest Bench 2 Cylinder Legacy

With two cylinders without turbine without defoliants Excluded engine or dynamo
SKU: AG51102953

Harvest Bench 2 Cylinder Legacy with defoliants (turbine)

Excluded motor or alternator.
SKU: AG51102953-1
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